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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fun Stuff

Here's the Emperor from Dissidia Final Fantasy, animated by me for a game named Warcraft 3.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Dissidia Treasure Chest

Here is a very simple papercraft model of the treasure chest from Dissidia Final Fantasy. I built a smaller one (1 page) but the one uploaded is larger (4 pages).

The Treasure Chest

Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day Special

I made these for Valentine's Day. All of them can be found from here. All of them are made from paper including the vase, sunflower, rose, calla, lily, gerbera, anemone, and tulip.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Kaizo's Dissidia Models

Thanks to Kaizo, I have Cecil and Terra. They are not as perfect as Kaizo's because I'm still a newbie. I prefer the Dark Knight version of Cecil than his Paladin mode.



Monday, February 8, 2010

Shantotto Papercraft

Papercraft is the art of making 3D models from paper. This is another hobby of mine. This is my first model which I made myself. Shantotto from Dissidia Final Fantasy!

Beside Terra: